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Brembo Front Cross-Drilled Sport Rotor Set Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-05

SKU: BRE33S50135
Brand: Brembo
Brand : Brembo
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Price: $229.99
Brembo Front Cross-Drilled Sport Rotor Set Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-05
Product Details
Brembo Sport Brake Kits are designed for enthusiasts who seek an improvement in everyday driving and want high-performing brakes during the occasional high-spirited drive, when towing, or on track days without having to change their vehicle's calipers, wheels, or make any other major modifications.These rotors will fit and are installed just as stock rotors would; unlike most stock rotors however, the Brembo Sport rotors come either cross-drilled or slotted. These features allow the rotors to quickly disperse built-up heat and gases (common culprits of brake fade and loss of braking power), and clean and refresh the brake pads, preventing glazing, another cause of decreased braking force.As with all Brembo Products, the Sport Kits are wholly designed, forged, cast, and manufactured by Brembo at Brembo-owned facilities, ensuring the highest quality. As a result, Brembo Sport Kits are TUV certified. Beware of cheap imitations or Brembo blank discs drilled by someone else and sold on auction websites. These discs are not of the same quality, do not go through the same rigorous quality control or research and development, do not include specially matched brake lines and high-performance, low dust brake pads, and do not carry a warranty. Brembo Sport rotors are also metallurgically unique. Brembo casts their rotors of a high carbon compound to reduce brake noise and give the Sport rotors a higher dampening coefficient, giving the driver greater, more reliable stopping power.Finally, Brembo applies an anti-corrosive finish, to prolong the rotor's life and give it a bold, attractive look.Kits also include low dust performance brake pads and Goodridge DOT/TUV approved stainless steel lines.Meets or Exceeds Manufacturers SpecificationsFully Compatible with all other Stock Components Plated to Resist Corrosion and Provide a Stylish Appearance Race Proven Performance Cross-Drilled to Quickly Dissipate Gases and to Refresh and Clean the Brake Pads

Kit includes 2 rotors only, no lines or pads come with this kit.
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