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TurboXS Mazdaspeed 3 & Mazdaspeed 6 Hybrid BOV

Brand: TurboXS
Brand : TurboXS
You can earn 480 Tuner Miles on this product!
Price: $239.99
TurboXS Mazdaspeed 3 & Mazdaspeed 6 Hybrid BOV
Product Details
TurboXS releases the first Hybrid Blow Off Valve designed specifically tuned for the Mazdaspeed 3 & 6. The valve features an innovative re-circulation and vent to atmosphere operation. It has been tuned to offer the best blend of vent to atmosphere and re-circulation without check engines lights, stumbling or the dreaded back fire issues that are commonly associated with Blow OFF Valves and turbocharged cars that use Mass Air Flow configurations. Each kit will bolt directly to your Mazdaspeed without any additional parts.
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