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Progress Rear Anti Sway Bar Chevrolet HHR 2006-11

SKU: PRO62.0430
Brand : Progress
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Price: $159.99
Progress Rear Anti Sway Bar Chevrolet HHR 2006-11
Product Details
Progress Anti-Roll Bars improve lateral stability without stiffening normal suspension movement. Anti-roll bars minimize body roll, which stabilizes the tire contact patch for maximum traction. That's important because all of the weight and power of your vehicle is transmitted to the road over a mere handful of square inches called the tire contact patch. Most FWD street cars have moderate understeer (aka "PUSH"). The sway bars are designed to improve overall balance by the use of proportionately stiffer rear bars. The car will have a "neutral" feel, with a gentle push at its limits. The opposite of push or understeer is oversteer. Cars that exhibit this characteristic are said to be "loose" and are prone to spinning.

Rear Bar is 22mm Diameter
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