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KYB Rear GR-2 Twin-Tube Gas Strut Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-05

SKU: KYB341244
Brand: KYB
Brand : KYB
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Price: $74.99
KYB Rear GR-2 Twin-Tube Gas Strut Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-05
Product Details
Do you want to get back that new car ride? GR-2 series shocks are specially designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. A patented check valve minimizes foaming and aeration to make sure the ride stays smooth even under rough conditions. KYB uses a triple-lip oil seal to keep the oil in and contaminants out. Sintered metal provides far greater strength than traditional metals, extending shock life and durability. GR-2 shocks are constructed of features that everyday shocks cannot match! Comfort and Control that is Better Than When the Vehicle was New Delivers Improved Road Feel and Handling Patented Check Valve Maintains Performance Under Rough Conditions Replaces Traditional Struts with Gas Strut Performance Multi-Lip Seals with Self-Sealing Packing Installation: Installs exactly like a stock shock with all required components included.Tech Notes: Each shock or strut is sold seperately, be sure to order two front and two rear for a complete set of four.
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